Image with Text overlay: About Perdoceo Education - We are an education company committed to outcomes and career opportunities for a diverse student population.


Perdoceo Education

We are an education company committed to outcomes and career opportunities for a diverse student population.


We are committed to building positive relationships with our students, employees and stakeholders

PRDO is committed to holistic social policies and efforts and seeks to empower employees to be effective contributors within our organization and the surrounding communities.

We recognize the significance of our relationships with people, communities and society.

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Our Values


Perdoceo Education sets a framework for performance goals that provides a path for what we need to accomplish and how we are expected to accomplish them. Our employees seek to engage, motivate, and guide students through their academic journey, while demonstrating empathy, energy, and excitement to inspire a strong performance.

The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“Code”) is the foundation for how to exhibit these behaviors and values on a daily basis. This Code applies to all employees, officers, and directors of Perdoceo Education Corporation, its universities, and affiliated companies. Our employees are required to complete an annual ethics training and Code acknowledgment.


Engagement and Development


Perdoceo Education believes in investing in the wellbeing of our employees. To support professional development, we have established a tuition assistance program to help employees and their dependents pursue their educational goals through one of our universities.

In 2018:

More than 400

employees participated in our education assistance program.

More than 160

employees pursued Graduate Degrees through our education assistance program.


Innovative Technology


Designed to help students fit education into their lives, PRDO has implemented a secure and convenient way for students to pursue their degree through:

  • Intellipath® adaptive learning platform: This personalized learning technology utilized by both AIU and CTU is designed to assist our students with their studies. Continuous assessment facilitates the development of individualized, dynamic learning maps that both illustrate where student mastery has been achieved and where additional work is needed. Both the student and the instructor can see in real time where learning has taken place and where effort still needs to be applied.
  • Mobile App: Our Mobile Apps offer a secure, convenient way for our students to pursue their education with the help of their smartphone or tablet.
  • CTU Fast Track™: Through a series of mini modules, students are able to test out of what they already know—at no additional cost—to earn their degree faster. They can save up to 30% on time and money by earning college credits for prior knowledge
  • AIU Accelerate™: A series of online assessments students can take—at no additional cost—to prove their knowledge of a subject. Students need a score of at least 70% to pass the exam and receive course credit.


Ethics and Compliance


PRDO does not tolerate illegal or unethical behavior. Employees are expected to report concerns or behavior that may harm our employees or the reputation and the continued success of the Company. Our employees are also expected to report suspected non-compliance with any Company policy, our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, accreditation standards, or applicable laws or regulations, regardless of position, department, or location. We handle all inquiries promptly and investigate to the full extent necessary.

Violations of our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. We do not tolerate retaliation against individuals raising good faith reports of misconduct or allegations of policy violation.


Giving Back to the Community


At Perdoceo Education we are committed to volunteering and partnering with notable causes across our organization. We embrace opportunities to share knowledge, skills, and learning experiences that enhance the quality of life for individuals and families in the communities in which we live and work.

We encourage all employees to give their time and talent to organizations seeking to make a positive impact. We also advocate community involvement by our institutions through various efforts and campus programs. At PRDO, we provide our eligible employees with paid volunteer time off and encourage our employees to volunteer in their communities.


Patriot Scholarship


CTU Patriot Scholarship (Formerly Wounded Warrior Scholarship)

In 2008, Colorado Technical University established the Wounded Warrior Scholarship to give back to those whose lives have been altered due to injury while serving in the United States Armed Forces. By 2017, the scholarship evolved to include not only service members, but their eligible spouses, caregivers, and unmarried dependent children. With this change in eligibility criteria, in 2018, the scholarship was renamed the CTU Patriot Scholarship to better exemplify the recipients, who are true patriots.

Each year, 25 wounded service members and 25 spouses of wounded service members, medical caregivers or eligible dependents, receive a full scholarship to attend CTU. The scholarship covers the full cost of tuition for a single degree program, course materials and fees, in addition to a new laptop computer.

For further information visit or contact

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Embracing Diversity


Diversity and Inclusion Statement

At Perdoceo Education Corporation, we value diversity and strive to create an atmosphere that supports the students and communities that we serve and where everyone feels empowered to bring their authentic selves to work. Inclusivity is important in our approach to achieving a dynamic culture where everyone is welcome. We are committed to fostering an environment where differences are respected and valued and where employees feel empowered to share their experiences and ideas.

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Board Diversity


In 2018, Perdoceo Education Corporation was presented with the 2020 Women on Boards Chicago Ambassador Award. 2020 Women on Boards is a nonprofit campaign that aims to increase the percentage of women who serve on company boards to 20 percent or greater by the year 2020. The award recognizes companies that champion board diversity with at least 20 percent of their board seats held by women. Kenda B. Gonzalez and Leslie T. Thornton hold positions on Perdoceo Education’s Board.